We — the developers of Intent — take the privacy of our users very seriously.
We've seen too many tech companies violate their users' trust. That's why we've designed Intent with a focus on privacy from the very beginning.
Here are four ways in which we protect your data (even from ourselves!):
  1. We don't know your real identity. We do not collect or store your name, email address, demographic information, or any other information associated with you, other than the websites you're visiting while Intent is installed. Any information about your browsing history is tied to a random identifier that's generated when you install Intent for the first time. (If you choose to provide your phone number for our mobile product, we throw it away immediately after we send you a text message.)
  2. We log only domains, not full URLs. When you do a Google search, for example, we know that you visited, but NOT what terms you searched for. Similarly, we don't know which products you're viewing on Amazon, which documents you're accessing on Dropbox, or which articles you're reading at the New York Times.
  3. We respect incognito browsing. If you're especially concerned about a specific site, you can always visit in an incognito window. We don't log any of that.
  4. We let you nuke data from our servers. If you're feeling uncomfortable, you can delete all the data associated with your account. Push a button and it's gone from our servers forever.
For more information, visit our full privacy policy. And please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.