Frequently Asked Questions
Using Intent
How do I use Intent on multiple computers?
On each additional computer, sign into Chrome with the same Google account and enable Chrome sync. Intent should automatically sync itself over to the new computer.
Can I use Intent on multiple computers with separate Google accounts / without syncing extensions?
Yes! You'll need to manually sync each new installation with your "main" (or original) Intent installation.

Here's how to do it:
  • In your main installation, click the Intent icon and head to the Settings page.
  • Find the section titled Your Intent ID and copy your unique ID. This is your main ID and you'll need to access it on each new install.
  • On each new machine, install Intent and go to the Settings page.
  • Go to the Your Intent ID section and click the "Use another ID" button.
  • Paste in your main ID and click OK.
The new Intent install will now share data with the main installation.
How do I change or create my own site categories?
Click the Intent icon and head to the Settings page. There is a section titled Edit Groups where you can add or remove sites from our groups, and create your own groups.
How does Intent determine how much time I spend on each site?
Intent runs quietly in the background as you're using Chrome. Every 10 seconds or so, it checks to see what URL you're visiting in the active tab. It then strips the URL down to just the domain (e.g., and sends it to our server.

There are a few important caveats:
Why can't Intent log the time I spend on iPhone?
Apple — much to its credit — is a privacy-focused company. One result of this, however, is that they make it difficult for app developers (like us) to know when other apps are being used.

With a little trick, however, we can learn when you launch certain apps. It's not perfect, but it's a start.

If you want more insight into how you're using your cell phone or tablet, check out Moment.
Do you sell my browsing data to advertisers or other third parties?
Absolutely not. The whole point of Intent is to fight these ugly trends in the tech industry.

Also, unlike the data collected by Facebook and other big tech companies, your Intent data isn't associated with your real identity (e.g., your name, email address, or demographic data) in any way. For that reason, it's much less valuable to third parties.
Why does Intent need so many permissions in Google Chrome?
When you install Intent, it asks for the following Chrome permissions:
When will Intent work for other platforms (Firefox/Safari/Android/native apps/etc.)?
We’re pretty flexible with our roadmap at this point. We’re just starting to ramp up usage, and we’re going to be looking at the feedback we get to determine where to go from here. If you want Intent to help you with one of these tools, let us know!
What's your business model? How do you make money?
There is no business model. We'd love for donations to cover our server costs. We average $90 in hosting (AWS: DB, server, website, data transfer) and $8 a month in donations.

If you like Intent and want it to remain around, please donate through the app. We'd really appreciate it.
I have a different question!
No problem, contact us :)