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Intent shows you how you spend time online, then gives you the tools to change unwanted behaviors.

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Quick setup
No need to enter and categorize a bunch of stuff. Intent takes care of it automatically!
Customize your settings
Pick the categories and sites you find distracting. For more customization, you can add your own categories, add individual sites to categories, or remove any sites you don't want to track.
Set your own goals
Fewer visits to Facebook? Less overall time spent on Twitter? Intent helps you get there.
No site blocking
You're a grown-up (maybe.) Plus, you're smarter than any blocking app. Instead of blocking you, Intent increases your awareness of how your browsing habits impact you, then gives you tools to do something about it.
Gradual change
Change is a process, which is why we believe in attainable goals and small actions that build over weeks.
Lasting habits
We want to help you build better habits. Permanently.
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How It Works
Chrome extension runs securely in your browser and tracks time.
Regular check-ins present a summary of your online behavior.
You choose specific focus areas and goals.
We use gentle nudges to keep you on track while you browse.
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“Intent puts the ball in my court.”
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